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Cork: The project and the people

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Cork: The project and the people

The only organic material on the Space Shuttle is cork, which serves as thermal insulation between the external ceramic tiles and the body of the spacecraft.

Why is this quote so unpoetic?

To substantiate the fact that cork is an irreplaceable, INSUBSTABLE material.

It is one of those materials that will accompany us in the ecological transition that has finally begun, it is one of the very few elements that was present before, during and after.

Since one of our objectives concerns the valorisation of cork, we broaden the discussion to more general concepts than cork stoppers.

Cork is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, cork forests are widespread ...........................

Sustainable ecology:

  • A cork forest absorbs 40% more than other plantations.
  • It is flame retardant and therefore impervious to fire.
  • In its lifetime, some 200 years, the cork oak allows more than twenty cork harvests.
  • Cork is a totally recyclable and reusable material.

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