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More than a product, a concept

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More than a product, a concept

There are secular behaviours that end up becoming a ritual.
One of these rituals is when we uncork a bottle of wine, measured, slow and always the same gestures:


Remove Bottle Capsule

The first act of the Rite refers to removing the protective capsule Rite that has been perpetuated for centuries.


Screw the Corkscrew Worm

Classic two-stage corkscrew and long, thin worm. We will soon know if the cork has done its job.


Pull the cap off and bring it to your nose

"first of all", before tasting the cork suggests the state of preservation.

This is what happens "first of all": the sight of the cork, its aroma, its consistency already give you a foretaste of what the tasting experience will be.

Any wine lover wants to exercise his or her senses on that cork, yet most of the time this cork magically disappears into the sommelier's pocket and, in any case, immediately loses focus.

The Re-cork project builds on this concept to introduce a new element, adding a sequence to the gesture to extend the cultural landscape.

We are a Benefit Society and one of our objectives according to our statute is the valorisation of cork and this is where we start from: valorising the cork to embrace the narrative about the world of cork in general.

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