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The new narrative experience

Why is the cap now in that position? But is it really that important?

You will be amazed at the number and quality of arguments that that cap in that position can suggest to you and how much can be used as an excuse to do so.

If we want to remain in the wine sector, as we should, we could reiterate the fact that after centuries cork is still considered the best material for corking; in fact, once again tradition is the main driver, but there are certainly objective reasons for this.

One could then dwell, if appropriate, on the quality of the stopper, which ranges from one-piece to agglomerated stoppers, including the so-called technical cork disc stoppers.

For the more technical-minded, we could say that there are more than 30 types of cork stoppers on the market, each with its own specific characteristics, studied and fine-tuned down to the smallest detail to define the daily passage of oxygen, rather than the force required for extraction.

If we wanted to broaden the scope of the discussion, the fact that cork is a natural material that is totally recyclable opens the discussion to the subject of ecology, an essential topic for every industrial activity.

The fact that in Italy there are projects launched for the collection and reuse of cork stoppers is a very relevant topic that leads us right towards sustainability.

Cork is the only organic element in the structure of the Space Shuttle, and its extreme thermal insulation and, above all, fireproof properties make it irreplaceable in the substrate between the ceramic tiles and the body of the spacecraft.

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